Sound Painting Employee Profile – Ryan Davitt

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This week’s employee profile is one of our crew leads, Ryan Davitt! Read on to get to know Ryan a bit better!

Name: Ryan Davitt

Occupation: Crew Lead

(1) What led you to your career path?

I was led to my career as a painter by a great man named Scott Allen, R.I.P. started out as just a job then he seen something in me and took the time to train me and show me everything he had learned in 40 years of painting. And after he passed I felt like it was all for me to carry on his legacy here in Washington. 

(2) How long have you worked at Sound Painting Solutions?

I have been working with SPS since October, so about 10 months or so. 

(3) What do you enjoy about working at SPS?

I enjoy the culture and commitment to quality and the possibility to learn and grow as SPS does the same. 

(4) How would your friends describe you?

My friends would describe me as outgoing, caring, life of the party and up for any challenge, and the hardest worker they know. 

(5) What would your last meal be?

My last meal would have to be a bomb steak, shells and cheese, mashed taters, and a pound of bacon for dessert. 

(6) Who would you love to meet (dead or alive)?

I have already met the person I would love to meet, and that is my wife.

(7) What is your hidden talent, or a fun fact about you?

My talent isn’t really hidden, I am pretty an awesome skateboarder, best painter I know, and good at pretty much anything I try. 

(8) What is your favorite quarantine hobby?

My favorite hobby is spending time with my wife, skateboarding, and painting. 

(9) What is your favorite TV show?

I am not really into TV, but I enjoy skateboarding videos.

Thank you for reading! A special thank you to Ryan for taking the time out of his day for this interview. Check out our other blog posts here!

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