10 Unique Gifts for Your Handyman!

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The handyman in your life deserves some awesome gifts that will make their craft or hobby more exciting and easier. These are some of our ideas to branch out from the normal toolsets and belts. Our list includes many gadgets, home improvement staples, and more! Even 2020 calls for last-minute holiday shopping, so here’s our gift guide!

1: LED Headlamp

LED Headlamps provide a long-lasting and hands-free source of light. Sitting on top of your head, they are perfect for fixing things in dark areas! Headlamps are the perfect way to shed light on any project!

2: Contour Gauge

Contour gauges can be used for many projects! They are most commonly used to measure any object’s exact outlines so that one can easily trace that shape onto paper, wood, or other building materials. Great tool for projects with specific configurations (i.e., molding, tile)!

3: Red Cross Blackout Buddy

The emergency flashlight has a 4-hour battery life and acts as a small light source when your power goes out! It even has the capability to charge your phone and other electronic devices! While this gift is not very glamorous, it will be perfect for the coming winter months!

4: Laser Level

From leveling flooring to contouring drainage, this gadget is perfect for indoor and outdoor projects (link to an article that explains other uses)! Gift your handyman something that professionals swear by!

5: Digital Measuring Tape

Take the guesswork and error out of measuring with the digital alternative to the traditional measuring metal tape! Even our company swears by digital measuring tapes during the estimate process! Check out our blog post that explains that process.

6: Stud Finder

This gadget is used to find framing studs within your home’s wall. Feel comfortable mounting any heavy object to your wall after you’ve located the stud! While there are many old-school methods for finding studs, this device is foolproof. Save your walls and your time!

7: Flexible Flashlight

The flexible flashlight allows you to position the light anywhere. You can even wrap it around items for a hands-free experience! With around 7 hours of battery life, your handyman will be able to work for hours!

8: Personalized Leather Apron

Aprons are a perfect way to protect your clothes when working with substances that might stain or damage them. A leather apron provides an extra layer of protection as it protects from burns and cuts from most sharp objects. Personalization is the extra touch that tells your handyman how much you appreciate their craft or hobby!

9: Carpenter/Mechanical Pencil

This pencil is excellent for marking measurements or other specifications on wood, paper, and even concrete! The mechanic carpenter’s pencil allows your handyman to skip the hassle of sharping it with a knife. Our carpenters use this tool daily!

10: Working Hands Hand Cream

This hand cream provides excellent relief to hardworking hands. It adds a protective layer that locks in moisture! Help your handyman protect their hands while still supporting their craft!

We hope this gives you some exciting ideas for what to surprise your handyman with this year! If you have any questions about what gifts we recommend for a specific project, please comment below! We hope you have a fruitful holiday season!

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