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Lead-Based Paint in Your Home

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A home that has been scraped but not yet painted. Special preparation was needed due to lead paint.
A recent lead home in Seattle, WA

There is a strong chance that your house contains lead-based paint if it was built before 1978. If you’re hiring a contractor, the old paint will likely be disturbed.  The dust created by normal preparation procedures can be very harmful to those who come into contact with it. In fact, dust is the most common way that people are exposed to lead. Lead is especially harmful to children, but it is also harmful to adults and even pets.

Importance of Hiring a Professional

Hiring a certified contractor is of the utmost importance. This is due to the harmful side effects that can result from lead. In particular, exposure to lead can affect children’s developing brains and nervous systems, in the worst cases causing learning disabilities and/or behavioral problems.  For adults, low levels of lead are related to high blood pressure and hypertension.

If you suspect your home may contain lead, contact a certified professional who can verify the presence of lead-based paint.  Only contractors certified by the EPA or their state’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) program are legally permitted to work on homes where normal preparation procedures may disturb the old lead paint and create harmful dust. EPA Lead-Safe certified painting contractors are trained in the proper procedures. This is to minimize lead exposure. Techniques such fully covering areas with plastic, utilizing a dust-free vacuum, and making sure all workers wear protective suits should be used. When obtaining a bid from a contractor for lead-safe work there are a few things to check for. You should always go over the details of the bid to make sure they have included preparation they will complete to minimize lead hazards and confine all lead dust to the work area. Although this extensive prep may cost more than your average painting job, it is well worth it for the safety of your family.

Verifying Certification

Again, the painter you hire must be a lead-safe certified contractor.  To verify a contractor’s certification visit epa.gov/getleadsafe, or call the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (5323). The state of Washington is authorized to administer its own Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) program. To verify a contractor’s status in Washington (including that of Sound Painting Solutions), contact the Washington State Department of Commerce at [email protected] or 360-586-5323 (LEAD). For reference, our company’s certification number is R1641.

Sound Painting Solutions, LLC is an RRP lead-safe certified painting firm in Seattle, WA. Using an approved lead test kit, we can determine whether or not your home contains lead, and provide options to safely renovate your home. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation estimate. (206) 258-6676, or use our contact form to the right.


  1. It sure was helpful when you suggested hiring a certified professional who can verify the presence of lead-based paint in your house. As you said, you must consider an EPA-certified contractor. My husband and I are planning to move to the house that his late parents left for us last month. Since we want to ensure that the paint on all the walls is free from the lead for the safety of our children, we will do your tips.

  2. You got my attention when you said that you must contact a professional that can verify the presence of lead-based paint in your home if you suspect that your home contains lead. This is a good tip for my aunt who wants to have her house rented out starting next year. She wants to obtain proper certificates for the tenants’ peace of mind.

  3. Hello,

    We received a positive test for lead based paint on an existing paint under-layer on our siding and trim and need abatement on the poorly adhered areas so that we can paint. We also have a baby so are extremely concerned about the abatement being performed properly.

    A little about our home. It’s located in Hillman City/Seward Park, Seattle. It’s 1948 vintage and approximately 900 sf of floor area with original grooved cedar shake at the main body of the house, lap siding at three gables. Approximately 7 windows (6 at 3’x5′ or less, 1 at 7’x5′) and 2 human doors. The paint is well adhered at the cedar shake but peeling at the lap siding and some areas on the window and door trim. We also have the original decorative metal hand rail on the front step (5 steps tall) that needs abated.

    We’d like to get the work done in the next two months if possible and would love to get a quote. We also need the entire home and a small addition (300 sf floor area) painted so would appreciate a separate quote for that work as well.

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