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Exterior Paint Job Maintenance

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Beyond just enhancing your home’s aesthetic charm, a fresh exterior paint job is a shield against the Pacific Northwest elements. Fresh paint serves as a protective layer, significantly slowing weathering and wood decay. Many homeowners overlook the upkeep of their exterior paint, risking irreversible damage.

Neglected exterior paint invites potential harm to your home, leaving varying levels of siding repair or carpentry work. For instance, peeling paint allows moisture to seep into surfaces, particularly threatening wood siding, leading to rot and decay. Our damp climate amplifies these risks, creating an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth. In Seattle’s rainy climate, homeowners with wood siding should plan to repaint every 7 to 10 years to maintain their home’s integrity and curb appeal.

Remember that not all paint jobs are equal! At Sound Painting Solutions, we recognize that the longevity of a paint job largely depends on the quality of the work performed and expertise of the painters. Taking the time to properly prepare surfaces as well as using high-quality products can make your paint job last longer and look better. That being said, maintaining your home’s exterior is still an ongoing effort. Even great paint jobs can fail in some circumstances, so it is important to make sure your chosen painting contractor offers a warranty to correct any unexpected issues that may arise. You should also conduct annual inspections to catch problems before they become severe.

Even a great exterior paint job can benefit from annual inspection and maintenance.

Pressure washing can help remove dirt, dust, pollen, etc. It also keeps your paint job looking fresh between full repaints. Where moss and mold are present, pressure washing should also be accompanied by a chemical solution to eliminate the mold. Also, plan to inspect your home’s caulking every year. While a complete re-caulking is not needed each year, an inspection can reveal problem areas in need of a touch-up. When looking for such areas, it’s important to pay special attention where moisture may get into cracks or crevices. Excessive moisture can result from plants growing too close to your home, so make sure that is being trimmed away. When performing a maintenance inspection, check the South and West sides of your home. These are the spots where sun exposure is highest and blistering or peeling may occur.

If your paint is peeling or wood is exposed, don’t delay necessary maintenance or a new paint job! The longer the exposed surfaces are subject to the elements, the more likely it is that the wood will deteriorate. When it comes to your home’s exterior paint, staying up on maintenance and keeping your paint job fresh will save you time and headache in the future.

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  1. Great article! When pressure washing a home you should always be aware of the areas that need caulk. This is something I find every time I’m pressure washing a home I’m about to paint. As you stated you should always you a safe chemical to clean the molded areas. As always inspect your work upon completion!

  2. Washing the exterior of the house is a good idea before you start painting. So you are excellent details exterior paint job maintenance tips! Thanks for sharing it not just for me but for everyone.

  3. Wonderful blog you have written about painting and I have got some knowledgeable information form this article. Thanks for this article.

  4. Excellent tips. The quality of the paint really matters. However, I would say that there is a spectrum of paints and price for the painters to choose from. Each of them has their purpose.

  5. I have wood siding and I would love to get it repainted soon! I want to make sure that this paint job lasts a long time, so it is good to know how to maintain it. I will try to get it pressure washed often and then inspect it every year so that it stays in good condition. Do you know how long exterior paint jobs generally last?

    1. Author

      Hi Skylar! It depends on the climate and how much it will wear on the finish, but 7-10 years is what we usually see here in Seattle. For an older home, it might be a couple years less than that.

  6. One of the best post i ever have read about being a professional painters. We are professional painters and admire your thoughts about it.

  7. Great post!! Glad to see there’s other painters out there who take pride in their work. Keep the brush flowing!!

  8. Very well written blog post. I’m a professional painter myself and know the difference between a professional painter and a person that only makes the wood wet 😉

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