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In today’s evolving technological landscape, businesses across various industries are using innovative solutions to streamline their operations, maximize efficiency, and improve the client experience. Painting companies and their clients can benefit from integrating a virtual estimating software into their business process. There are many ways to do painting quotes now. This type of software enables the sales process to get started sooner. While we believe seeing a project in-person is always the best option for businesses, there are some scenarios where using a virtual estimating software is a good option. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the various ways this type of software is useful for clients.

Saving Time

Many services in the home improvement industry involve in person meetings. A virtual estimating method is convenient for the client. This allows them to initially vet a contractor to see if they are a good fit for the project without arranging an in-person appointment. Many people are busy during the day. Using technology can be a great way to save time and gather information about the project from various companies before moving to the next step of an in-person meeting.

Reaching More Customers

Sometimes companies get leads that are outside of their designated service area. Virtual estimating can be useful in reaching new customers, which is better than passing on the lead because of their location without learning about the job. After evaluating the project and if the business is willing to make an exception on the location, the software can be a valuable tool to potentially work with a client on a job that would have otherwise been ignored.

Home and Trade Shows

Virtual sales software platforms can be useful at events like trade and home shows where customers are meeting different businesses. Customers can stay connected with businesses as they can easily gather your contact information and be in touch. This can be an effective way to get leads at these events for businesses and have the prospective clients get started with an initial step in the sales process. Our company took advantage of this during the Seattle Home and Garden Show earlier this year! We spoke with a lot of potential clients about their projects and wanted to stay in contact with them after the show.

Out of Season Jobs

Virtual sales tools can be useful at certain points in the season for handling particular lead inquiries. For example, in the Seattle painting market, the interior season is primarily from November to April. For many businesses, the focus during these months is working on interior projects. This means not placing as much attention on exterior inquiries. Directing people with exterior projects to a virtual sales platform can be a useful tool to use so these clients can still get information about their project in the off season. This practice can be effective for businesses and their clients in a variety of industries like landscaping, concrete, and remodelers.


The pandemic caused a shift towards doing certain things digitally in the service industry. We believe that discussing a project on-site is always the best option. That being said, in some cases virtual estimating platform can be applicable. Implementing this type of software can be useful for saving time, enhancing productivity, and improving the client experience. If you’re interested in our painting services in the Seattle area, get a free quote here. Also, if you’d like to take advantage of our virtual quote service, check it out here! Thanks for reading!

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