Sound Painting Employee Profile – Kevin Sutton

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This week’s employee profile is one of our crew leads, Kevin Sutton! Read on to get to know Kevin a bit better!

Kevin Sutton

Name: Kevin Sutton

Occupation: Crew Lead

(1) What led you to your career path?

I love working with my hands and I wanted to learn a trade.

(2) How long have you worked at Sound Painting Solutions?

4 years. 

(3) What do you enjoy about working at SPS?

Being inside in winter and outside in summer.

(4) How would your friends describe you?

Funny and down to earth.

(5) What would your last meal be?

Cheeseburger and a cold beer.

(6) Who would you love to meet (dead or alive)?

Bruce Lee.

(7) What is your hidden talent, or a fun fact about you?

I will try any sport once.

(8) What is your favorite quarantine hobby?


(9) What is your favorite TV show?

The Mandolorian.

Painter Kevin smiling and holding a scrub brush and roller

Thank you for reading! A special thank you to Kevin for taking the time out of his day for this interview. Check out our other blog posts here!

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