When is Exterior Painting Season?

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In the Puget Sound, we experience rain for the majority of the year. Of course, this plays a significant role in planning exterior painting projects.  Along with the moisture level outside, temperature should also be considered before painting.

Paint cures by evaporation of water/solvents, and too much moisture or extreme temperatures (too cold or too hot) inhibit this process.  In the worst scenarios, this will cause the new coat of paint to blister or bubble.  Blistering can occur even after a coat of paint has dried, if it is exposed to too much moisture, too soon.

This isn’t to say that exterior painting can only be done on a perfect day. If so, all of us painting contractors here in Seattle might be in trouble!

A typical day in Seattle.

In general, being cautious about when you decide to paint is the key to avoiding disaster.  As always, make sure that all areas are probably prepared before painting.  Since the first step for preparing an exterior is pressure washing, the painting surface should be completely dry before applying product.  This generally takes about 3 days, and in less than ideal weather conditions, this may take longer.  Also make sure to allow extra drying time (up to 2-3 times the regular amount) in between coats, as paint will take longer to dry as the days get colder and shorter.  This also means that you will have less working hours during the day. You should stop working in the mid-afternoon, or around the time when the temperature starts to drop.

Finally, always check the application temperature range of your chosen product, and stay within that range.  Fortunately, today’s exterior paints boast pretty impressive ranges, many of which allow you to paint in temperatures as low as 35-40 degrees F.  Keep in mind that the temperature of the surface that you are painting may actually be lower than the temperature outside.  Ideally, avoid painting in temperatures lower than 50 degrees F.

Typically, we paint exteriors from March to late October during sunnier/drier weather.  It is always advisable to schedule well ahead of time, since painting contractors are typically very busy in the summer, and often even completely booked.

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  1. It’s good to know when exterior painting season is. My brother wants his business building painted when the weather permits. Your tips will help him choose when to have it painted.

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