2021 Color Trends

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We all have said this MANY times before, but, once again, 2020 was crazy! Many of us thought quarantine would be a time to relax and take a break from our “regular” lives. However, 2020 did not let that happen. If the news coverage was not stressful enough, the line between our work and personal lives became non-existent. We all need a 2021 that is deemed uneventful, calm, or, more importantly, hopeful. It’s a new year, which means new color trends were released by Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Pantone. These companies set the tone for 2021 by providing us colors to bring those much-needed sensations of peace and promise to our lives. 

Benjamin Moore – Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore created a complete color palette for 2020 that strives to “nourish the spirit” by giving your home a warm, welcoming, and comforting feel. Aegean Teal, the 2021 Color of the Year, is the featured color that radiates a calming effect. Aegean Teal is the perfect mix of blue, green, and gray. It reminds us of a color you would see in a vacation home. Settle into a year of wellbeing, hope, and peace. 

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Sherwin-Williams – Urbane Bronze

With a little more time on our hands, many of us got to explore nature. Nature brought a sense of quiet and adventure to everyone’s lives. So why not bring that into your home? Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze, does just that. Much like its competitors, Sherwin-Williams wanted to find a color that would bring comfort and tranquility to one’s life, with the bonus of sophistication. Urbane Bronze is the perfect blend of brown and gray that makes it an excellent choice for interior and exterior purposes. 

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Pantone – Ultimate Gray + Illuminating

Finally, Pantone gave us all what we need after 2020. Pantone selected not one, but TWO, colors of the year. Pantone found the perfect combination of a bright and hopeful color and a color that exudes tranquility and normality. The first color is a bright and warming yellow that mirrors the feeling of sunshine: Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating. The second is a “solid and dependable” color that represents sturdiness and strength: Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray. Pantone destines 2021 to be a year filled with positivity, hopefulness, drive and stability. 

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Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Pantone provide us with color palettes seeking to foster feelings of peace and happiness. By bringing these colors into our life, whether by painting our homes or curating our fashion, we will all destine ourselves to a year of hopeful and zen times. Take these companies’ recommendations to make 2021 a year all about you! 

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