High Demand for Home Services

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When driving down your street, how many home services vehicles do you see? In the past year, contractors, such as Sound Painting Solutions, have noticed an increased demand for home services. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners spend more time in their spaces, bringing awareness to needed or wanted home updates. Homeowners also believe they have the time to start home improvement projects, whether on their own or with the support of skilled contractors. The high demand for home services can cause homeowners frustration when waiting weeks or months to start or complete projects. We collected tips for managing the high demand for home services and, in general, planning for future home improvement projects.

1. Think Ahead

Our first tip is essential with all home improvement projects; however, it is especially important when the demand for home services is high! When you want to take on a project, calling your contractors in advance will help you stay on your desired timeline. Some contractors may schedule your project out weeks or even months in advance to make sure your project is completed at a time perfect for you and the contractor. Finally, planning ahead allows you to receive multiple bids for your project without losing momentum in the planning process.

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2. Join Waiting Lists

The need for waiting lists is the most solid proof that there is a high demand for home services. Many contractors create waiting lists for scheduling bids and projects, sometimes weeks in advance. Joining a waiting list helps you get on a contractor’s radar as a potential client. It can also expedite the process as some contractors go through their waiting lists faster than others. So, if there is a long wait for your request or the contractor is otherwise unable to help you at that time, ask if they would be willing to put you on a waiting list in the event of any cancellations or changes. Even SPS is using waitlists to serve our clients in an organized and time-sensitive manner!

3. Have a Flexible Timeframe

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that adaptability is a fundamental part of living. Many of us give each other leeway to deal with these difficult times and adapt to changing circumstances. Giving your contractors that same grace will mitigate frustrations if uncontrollable circumstances arise. Many contractors stand by their promise to complete a project in the client’s desired timeline. However, when dealing with the high demand for home services and a global pandemic, various situations affect a project’s timeline. It is highly recommended to offer your contractor a flexible time range instead of a specific date for completion. Your flexibility opens up the opportunity to receive bids from multiple contractors in that time range. You can avoid frustrations by picking a contractor that understands your needs and is the best for the job!

4. Be Patient

Patience is key, especially knowing that contractors are in extremely high demand in this era. We encourage you to do your research and know the average and longest timelines for your given project. This research provides you with peace of mind if the project takes longer than expected–knowing it’s normal reminds you to stay calm when frustrations arise. Like many things in life, home improvement projects take time to be completed correctly and to your standards. You will be happier with the results if you’ve remained patient throughout the process.

If your project requires a permit, this will prolong your project’s length due to extended processing times. Continue to remind yourself that you are not the only person seeking these services. As this is uncontrollable, patience will be essential to get through this step before the project truly begins.

5. Set a Time Commitment

To ensure goals and tasks are completed in a timely fashion, we recommend establishing a time commitment with your contractor. While this may be a specific deadline or a range of completion dates (as recommended earlier), it will guarantee that your project is completed in a reasonable timeframe. You can establish a timeframe in your contract so that your contractor is accountable for completing their work on time. It is also important to remember that some situations are outside of a contractor’s control, such as inclement weather or the crew’s COVID-19 exposure. These uncontrollable events can affect the timeline of the project. Still, with your time commitment in place, both you and your contractor can find ways to stay accountable and satisfied with the project’s timeliness.

We hope that these tips will help you navigate the current high demand for home services. We want to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their projects will get completed regardless of what and when they want to be completed. Thank you for reading! Looking for other home improvement tips? Check out our other blog posts here.

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