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2024 Spring Exterior Project Highlights

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Spring is a tricky time of year for painters in Seattle. The weather in this part of Washington is constantly fluctuating between rain and sunshine, making it difficult to schedule exterior painting projects. In Seattle, all exterior projects have to be completed when the weather begins to warm up and the rain breaks for a few days at a time. So far, 2024 has had some sunny days and this has allowed for us to get a head start on some of our exterior projects. In this post we’ll be going over a few of our exterior projects that we’ve completed so far this spring.

Exterior Painting Project

Before and after photos of an exterior painting project completed by Sound Painting Solutions
Before and after photos of an exterior painting project completed by Sound Painting Solutions

This project was broken down into a few phases to get these finished results. Our estimator met with the client last October and made plans for exterior carpentry and painting. There were a few sections of siding that needed to be replaced before we could paint due to wood decay. Our carpenters repaired those areas early on in the year to ensure we could be completed as soon as possible.

Before and after photos of siding replaced by Sound Painting Solutions

Luckily in May, we had a large enough window of sunshine that we we’re able to start the exterior painting. Kevin, one of our crew leads, and his crew were able to get this project completed in about 6 days. They started by prepping all of the surfaces, taping off areas that didn’t need paint, and then began painting.

Painters looking at exterior painting project while waiting for trim to dry.
Exterior painting project in progress. At this point the trim had been sprayed and the siding was ready to be painted.

One of the reasons we chose to highlight this project is because of the color change this client chose! They wanted to take their home from a beige color to a nice grey/green that blended seamlessly with the nature surrounding the home. The siding color used here is Kitty Gray 1589 by Benjamin Moore. The clients opted to use Benjamin Moore’s Element Guard paint in a low lustre sheen. The siding, trim, and shed door are the color Cloud Cover by Benjamin Moore in a satin sheen.

One of our crew members putting the finishing touches on this exterior painting project.
One of our crew members putting the finishing touches on this exterior painting project.

Deck Carpentry Project

We get many calls about resurfacing or completely replacing decks. During Seattle’s rainy season these flat outdoor surfaces are taking the brunt of the elements. If your surfaces aren’t properly sealed, you’ll quickly notice signs of wood rot. Chipping, warping, and soft spots – These are all signs that you need to either replace these boards or get them resealed to deter moisture buildup.

This project was a past client of ours who wanted to replace all of the walking surfaces on their deck and porch with a material that would hold up during the rainy season. Transitioning from wood to a composite material offers more longevity and reliability with these flat surfaces.

There was fairly extensive wood rot on the porch and deck. This meant that our carpenters had to go out and remove the rotting wood and replace it with something more durable. You can read in depth about repairing and preventing wood rot here.

For projects like this, we recommend planning ahead. If you’re able to get on a contractors schedule early, you’re more likely to enjoy a full summer with a newly renovated outdoor space. Try meeting with companies 1 year to 6 months before you would like the work done to ensure that your timeframe can be met. In Seattle, be sure to keep the rainy season in mind when it comes to these repairs. It’s common to complete exterior carpentry repairs during the cold and rainy months. While that part of the job can be completed early, all painting, staining, and sealing will have to wait until the summer.

Exterior Carpentry & Painting Project

This exterior painting and carpentry project had it all! Our team pulled out all the stops with carpentry, prep, and painting this home. Before we could begin painting, our carpenters had to go and replace the siding on a few large areas of this home. Similar to the previous project, there were large areas that needed to be removed and replaced to stop the wood rot from spreading.

Before we could tackle the painting portion of this project, our carpenters had to replace the siding on over half of one side of the home. Luckily, with exterior carpentry, we’re able to start during the rainy season. This gave our crew a head start to be able to complete the painting early in the spring. There was extensive damage to the siding at the back of this home that required our carpenters to replace a large section. Below are images showing a few of the steps that this project entailed.

After the carpentry was completed, we just had to wait for the weather to clear long enough to paint. As soon as we had a break in the weather, we started the rest of the project. Each great exterior paint job starts with proper prep. This entails sanding, scraping, and taping/ covering areas. At Sound Painting Solutions, we put a lot of emphasis on the prep portion of our products. If you take the time to ensure everything is prepped properly you’re more likely to get the desired results.

Once we had the carpentry and prep portion of this project wrapped up we just needed a day or two to spray the home. As you can see in the photos above, these clients wanted to see a bold color change. They decided to go with Sherwin Williams Denim for the body color, Sherwin Williams Pure White for trim, and Sherwin Williams Classic Yellow for a pop of color on the door.

Looking Towards the Future

These projects are just a small few of the exterior painting jobs we’ve been able to complete so far this year. We’re looking forward to continuing on through September or October with our exterior season before we make our way back indoors. If you’re looking for exterior painting, carpentry, or interior painting in Seattle, please reach out! Fill out our contact form here.


  1. Absolutely stunning! The attention to detail and craftsmanship in your 2024 Spring exterior projects is truly impressive. Each transformation reflects not just expertise but also a deep commitment to enhancing homes with beauty and durability. Well done, Sound Painting Solutions!

    1. Author

      Thank you! We are committed to bringing our customers dreams to life, and each of these projects showcase that. We appreciate your kind words!

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