Favorite Projects of 2020

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Happy New Year! Before we start sharing the wonderful projects we have planned for 2021, we wanted to showcase our owners’, Jeff and Lindsey’s, favorite projects of 2020. The projects highlight a variety of our home improvement services, including carpentry, interior and exterior painting. Each project is unique with its features, views, and end products! Without further ado, here are our favorite projects of 2020!

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Lindsey’s Favorite Projects

North Admiral – Stairway Posts & Interior Painting

For this West Seattle-based project, our carpenter, Hernan, constructed Newell posts for our client’s staircase. These new posts and rails give the home an elegant finish! Victor’s crew completed this project by painting the interior of the client’s home! The trim, ceiling, and stairways were painted with Benjamin Moore’s color, “Simply White.” The walls throughout the home were painted with another Benjamin Moore color, “Classic Gray.” Both colors gave the home a fresh look and a calming effect!

Newell posts constructed and painted by Sound Painting Solutions
Photo 1: Newell Posts & Interior Painting

Queen Anne – Deck & Outdoor Bench Stain

Queen Anne is one of our favorite neighborhoods to work in, especially when the projects have a view of the Space Needle! For this client, James’ crew stained their decks to revive the prominent and beautiful features of their home. The crew also stained their built-in outdoor bench that surrounds their firepit. The decks and bench were stained with Penofin’s TMF Hardwood stain, which is a transparent and matte outdoor stain. We recommend this hardwood stain to clients who want to restore natural wood. James’ crew completed this project with plenty of time for our clients to enjoy their outdoor spaces in the summer months!

An in-progress deck staining project with a view of the Space Needle and cityscape in the background
Photo 2: Porch Staining (in progress)
Outdoor bench built by and stained by Sound Painting Solutions
Photo 3: Built-in outdoor bench

Fremont – Exterior Painting

Lindsey’s final favorite project is this exterior paint job. The before and after photos (found below) show exactly how paint can transform a home. The colors put a modern spin on this classic home. James’ crew painted the siding of the home with the Benjamin Moore color, “Hale Navy.” The trim was also refreshed with the Benjamin Moore color, “White Dove.” The most memorable moment from this project was the amazing sunset on the project’s final day. It was a great way to end the project and the workday!

A "before" photo of an exterior Sound Painting Solutions' painted, featuring natural wood and a light green body color
Photo 4: BEFORE Exterior Painting
A "after" photo of an exterior Sound Painting Solutions' painted, featuring restrained natural wood and a new, navy body color
Photo 5: AFTER Exterior Painting

Jeff’s Favorite Projects

Golden Gardens – Bar Construction & Painting

Hernan was recently tasked with constructing this client’s built-in bar. His creation brought a classy and functioning feature that fulfills all this client’s needs. The bar is tricked out with two drink or wine fridges, slots to hang wine glasses, and many spacious cabinets. The project was finished with the Sherwin-Williams color, “Magnolia Paints: Under-the-Stars.” The deep teal color acts as an accent color that brings attention to the home’s newest feature!

A bar and cabinets constructed and painted by Sound Painting Solutions
Photo 6: Bar construction & painting

Fauntleroy – Interior Painting

One of our favorite parts about working in the home improvement industry is working with new homeowners to put their mark on their home. Gary’s crew painted this home’s interior adding a clean and fresh look to this modern house! The home’s rooms were adorned with curated Benjamin Moore colors, including “Misty Gray,” “Slate Blue,” “Woodlawn Blue,” and “Silvery Blue.” The trim and ceilings throughout the home were painted with the Benjamin Moore color, “Swiss Coffee.” The color chosen for each room creates a peaceful and calming feeling for the homeowners. The view was just a perk of the whole project!

An interior painting project - a modern kitchen with white walls and cabinets
Photo 8: Interior Painting
Looking out the window from the above interior painting job - an extensive view of the Puget Sound
Photo 9: Interior Painting View

Mercer Island – Interior Painting

Jeff’s final favorite project of 2020 is a job that we have featured multiple times through promotions and on our social media accounts. We believed it was a perfect example of our amazing interior painting and wallpaper services. This home was filled with grand features, such as this staircase and floor-to-ceiling windows. Victor’s crews did a great job enhancing the home’s natural beauty with the Sherwin Williams color, “Roman Column.”

Interior painting of an ornate stairwell - white walls and trim
Photo 10: Interior Painting

We truly loved all the projects we had the opportunity to work on throughout 2020. It was fun reminiscing on our favorite projects, especially those featured in this blog post. We want to give a big shoutout to the clients whose projects we featured because they made our jobs worthwhile! We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings us, whether that’s projects with unique features or jaw-dropping views!

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