How to Recycle Paint in Seattle

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In this blog, we’re going to discuss a great way to recycle leftover or unused paint in Washington State. You may have undertaken a DIY painting project and had leftover paint that you no longer need and don’t want to store. It’s estimated that around 10% of all household paint goes unused. Improperly disposed of paint can contaminate the environment when placed in the trash or down the drain. Even though a lot of leftover paint can be recycled into new paint or repurposed into other products, much of it is thrown away because people don’t know where to put it.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

A paint recycling program began in Washington last year that allows households and businesses to recycle leftover paint, stain, and varnish in a sustainable manner. The program is operated by PaintCare, a nonprofit organization created through the American Coatings Association. PaintCare provides over 200 drop-off sites across Washington, which include retail paint stores and locally managed facilities. This program was created because of the paint stewardship law. This law was passed by the state legislature and ensures that all parties who produce, sell, and use paint work together to manage its entire life cycle. During the first nine months of operation, 95% of Washington residents lived within 15 miles of a drop-off site, and 581,363 gallons of paint were collected.

How PaintCare Works

PaintCare partners with local government facilities and paint retailers near residential neighborhoods to make it convenient to recycle leftover paint. Find the nearest PaintCare drop-off sites here. The paint must be dropped off in the original container with the original manufacturer label. Latex and oil-based architectural paint products, including paints, stains, and varnishes are products accepted by PaintCare sites. PaintCare will make sure the leftover paint is remixed into recycled paint, used as a fuel, made into other products, or properly disposed. The program is funded by a small fee on the sale of new paint which assists with the cost of collection, transportation, processing, and public education. There is no charge for dropping off paint at a PaintCare drop-off site. PaintCare has collected more than 58 million gallons of paint across the country. The expansion into Washington will divert paint from landfills, increase environmental benefits, and save local governments millions of dollars.

How We Use Paint Care

We heard about PaintCare through paint stores in the Seattle area. Sound Painting Solutions took about 500 gallons of paint in the last load to be recycled. We are glad to dispose of paint in a proper manner to set a good example for habits that help the environment. Our company is glad to share this resource with our clients who may be holding extra paint they don’t need. Check out PaintCare’s website here for more information. If you need any painting services, contact us for a free quote. Thanks for reading!

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