Transitioning to an Electric Fleet

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As the transition to electric vehicles becomes more prominent in society, Sound Painting Solutions’ goal is to ultimately transition our own fleet to electric. By choosing electric, we will reduce our business’s carbon footprint over the vehicle life, serving a broader goal of implementing more environmentally conscious business practices. We’re happy to announce the first step in making that goal a reality — our purchase of a new electric van. Before this addition, we had 11 vans, which are all gas-powered. This one is unique because it’s fully electric. Our company vans are driven primarily by our crew and job leaders. The vans store ladders, paint sprayers, prep materials, and other necessary items to complete each project. Our vans are wrapped in Sound Painting Solutions branding to represent the company. We are excited to showcase the new van and get it out on the road!

Electric Vehicle Industry

The electric vehicle trend has reached almost every car type the last decade including sedans, SUV’s, and trucks. According to this article from IEA, in 2020 the global electric car stock hit 10 million. Consumers spent $120 billion on electric car purchases in 2020, which is a 50% increase from 2019. In addition, governments across the globe spent $14 billion on purchase incentives and tax deductions for electric cars. SUVs are the fastest growing electric vehicle market segment in Europe and China, and command the biggest market share in the United States. The electric van market in particular has taken off the last few years with various models launched by popular manufacturers. Companies such as Mercedes, Nissan, and Ford have all created electric vans designed for business use.

Our New Vehicle

We chose the 2022 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van for the new vehicle. The van has a RWD electric motor that is powered by a 68 kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack with a range of around 126 miles. This van is the high roof model which allows a person as tall as 6’5” to stand in the back cargo space. Also, this model has the Pro Power Onboard feature providing 2.4kW of power allowing us to charge certain tools for the job. At the time of the purchase, our company was one of four Seattle businesses that have this particular electric van. We added on a new refreshed Sound Painting Solutions vehicle wrap to the van. Check it out!

Follow us on social media to stay updated on new additions to our fleet. If you are interested in any painting services and want to see the van in action, fill out a free quote here! Thanks for reading.


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