Stripping surface to bare wood prior to painting

Recent Lead Renovation Job

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Summer 2014 Featured Project:
Wallingford Lead Renovation

Painting Preparation

The initial preparation involved pressure washing the entire house. The rest of the preparation involved before painting was very intensive, involving stripping and priming the old surfaces, along with lead-safe precautions as a result of the age of the old paint. After the house dried from pressure washing, we applied a caulking sealant to joints and seams on the surface. For the lower stucco portion of the house, we filled any holes we found and then applied a clear, water-proofing sealant. We also filled any areas on the siding where wood-rot was found with wood-filler and sanded to create a smooth, like-new surface. We also replaced several siding boards at the front of the house that were in need.

Siding which has had its paint removed by using a PaintShaver Pro tool.

Stripped surface

Creating the Ideal Painting Surface

The most unique and time-consuming aspect of the job was completely stripping about 80% of the house’s siding to the raw wood underneath. By implementing a new tool, the PaintShaver Pro, we were able to efficiently strip the siding to bare wood without causing damage. Removing bubbling, old layers of paint allowed us to create the most ideal situation for applying new coats of primer and paint, ensuring the longevity of the new paint job. Next, we spent a few days finish-sanding the shaved areas, to create a smooth and even surface for application of the new paint.

Lead-Safe Precautions

As our client had an older home (i.e. built before 1978), we had to take extra precautions to avoid exposure to old, lead paint and ensure compliance with EPA regulations.

The presence of lead paint presented challenges in the restoration process. To prevent lead contamination, we laid out plastic in all directions and collected shavings from our tools using HEPA vacuum attachments. In addition, Sound Painting Solutions team members wore heavy suits in the hot summer weather to avoid exposure to the paint.

A house with painting in progress. The siding has been sprayed and areas are still masked.

Painting in progress

Getting to Business

After the majority of the house was stripped to bare wood, we applied a Benjamin Moore primer product to protect the wood and ensure proper adhesion of the new paint. We used an oil-based primer to penetrate deeply into the wood. We also asked our paint store to pre-tint the primer to the color of paint, for better coverage. Finally, after priming, we applied two coats of low-lustre Aura, Benjamin Moore’s top-of-the-line exterior paint.

A finished exterior paint project in Wallingford which required Lead Renovation procedures.

The completed job

Final Results

While the process was long and sometimes even grueling in the summer heat, the results we achieved made all of the effort and cost worth it, both for us and our happy clients. We know that doing the job the long way is doing the job the right way. Our clients will be able to enjoy the newly restored beauty of their home for years to come!

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Photos by Sound Painting Solutions employee Tony Kelley.

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