Sherwin Williams Color Tool Tutorial

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Deciding on the color for a paint project can sometimes be a difficult task. There are a variety of considerations such as the room type, furniture color, and lighting. In this post, we’re going to show you a quick and efficient digital tool from Sherwin Williams to help you choose a paint color and visualize the look of the space. This free tool which can be used for interior and exterior projects is called the ColorSnap Visualizer. Let’s learn how it works!

How it Works

First go to this link to access the Color Visualizer Tool for a web browser. There is also a smartphone application available for Apple and Android devices.

The tool is very user-friendly with a lot of cool features and abilities. By clicking the “More Scenes” button you can view different photos of various exteriors, along with rooms in the house such as kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. In addition to these photos provided by Sherwin Williams, you can upload your own photos to see how various colors may look in the actual space that will be painted. To upload your own photo, simply click the “Paint a Photo” button and then upload it from your device files. Clicking the “Add a Color” button allows you to browse Sherwin Williams full color palette so you can choose one and add it to the visualizer.

Uploading Your Own Photo

When you upload an interior photo, it is recommended the room is well-lit with natural light. Here is an example of an interior photo along with some useful tools that can be used when testing out paint colors.

We found when using the photo option, the tool does a pretty good job of detecting the paintable areas. However it’s not always 100% accurate, so to manually paint a certain area you can use the paintbrush option. In addition, the eraser is helpful in removing paint so you can truly customize the selected area and get the best visual of your color.

Video Demonstration

Here is a quick video showing you how to add colors to areas of an interior and exterior project by clicking on the color and then the designated part of the image.

This tool from Sherwin Williams is a great place to start in the color search for a painting project. However, before committing to a color, we recommend getting a sample and applying it to the surface so you can truly see what it looks like in person. This is because the final look of the paint color will depend on a variety of factors including natural and artificial light, along with the paint’s sheen. It’s important to choose a color with confidence so you have no regrets after it is applied. Check out this link to Sherwin Williams website to view all the options for sampling a color. Contact us if you have upcoming painting projects! Thanks for reading.

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