Sound Painting Employee Spotlight – Katrina Gonzalez

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Katrina Gonzalez

Who is Katrina Gonzalez?

In order to better showcase our amazing employees, we wanted to start doing employee spotlights. For our first employee spotlight, we interviewed Katrina, our amazing Resource Coordinator. Keep reading to get to know her a little bit better!

Name: Katrina Gonzalez

Occupation: Resource Coordinator

What led you to your career?

“Jeff knew I was kind of looking for a new job and went over the job description and schedule, and we both thought it would be perfect for me.”

How long have you worked for Sound Painting Solutions?

“I’ve worked at SPS for just over a year now.”

What do you enjoy about working at Sound Painting Solutions?

“I love it here! Jeff and Lindsey are super understanding of family needs and treat us all really well!”

How would your friends describe you?

“Bubbly, and very talkative.”

What would your last meal be?

“That’s a tough one…it really depends on my mood! Maybe a juicy steak with some clams on the side?”

Who would you love to meet (dead or alive)?

“My great-grandma. I did meet her, but I was little when she passed. I would love to know more about our family and what it was like to grow up in Latvia.”

What is your hidden talent, or a fun fact about you?

“Even though I’m not great at it, I love learning new dinner recipes and baking when I can!”

What’s been your favorite quarantine hobby?

“I guess I just enjoy getting to spend some extra time with the kids and helping them with their school work. My oldest is learning math, and I’m relearning it!”

What’s your favorite TV show?

“I love Grey’s Anatomy and The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Thank you for reading! A special thank you to Katrina for taking the time out of her day for this interview. Check out our other blogs here.

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