Unique interior paint ideas that show personality

Unique Interior Paint Ideas That Show Personality

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One of the things that makes a home truly yours is showing your unique style. Interior paint is one of the best ways to do this, and even a small change can showcase exactly who you are. There are a number of ways you can use interior paint in unique ways to create a space people will ooh and ahh over.

A rich blue accent wall that is also a gallery wall, by Pexels
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1. Wall Colors

The most obvious choice for paint is adding color to your walls. Don’t be afraid to use a color a bit outside the norm, especially if you plan to live in the house for a while. If you’re planning to flip the house or sell soon, neutral colors are often best.

However, you can add an accent wall with a pop of color and really brighten up an otherwise drab room. You could also paint a design or a mural on a wall that visitors see upon entering a room.

2. Furniture

If painting walls a unique color isn’t your thing, then choosing a bright color and painting an end table, dresser or table might be the way to go.

There are many different types of paint and even unique hues in stains, so think about what color you’d like and what you’re most likely to use the piece of furniture for. If painting a kitchen table, you’ll want paint that is more durable and stands up to spills than if you’re simply adding a bit of color to a table that holds knick-knacks.

A kitchen island painted by Sound Painting Solutions, in a medium gray color
Kitchen cabinets can also look great in gray! By Sound Painting Solutions

3. Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets with black granite countertops might be the current rage, but what if you thought outside the box a bit? Instead of painting old, builder’s grade oak cabinets white, what if you went with a color that was unique? More distinctive trends include cabinets in a deep navy blue with gray tiles on your backsplash.

4. Ceilings

One trend that has been growing in popularity is adding a pop of color to a ceiling and keeping the walls a neutral color. This tends to add a fresh color without overwhelming the room. If sitting with friends and visiting, the color is barely noticeable, but it does make a statement when someone walks into a room. Consider white walls and a pop of orange or lime green on the ceiling.

5. Sectioned Accent

Fireplace accent wall in red by Sound Painting Solutions
Example of a sectioned accent wall by Sound Painting Solutions

Another idea is to create a section of accent color rather than an entire wall. This allows you to highlight a fireplace, artwork or some other unique feature of the home without committing to that color for the entire space. Want a wall for your big-screen TV? Set off just the section where the TV rests with a block of color.

There are many different ways to utilize sectioned accents. If you’re unsure of the best use of this technique, consult with a design professional. Even if you do the work yourself, a designer will give you a plan for what you should do to create that unique look.

Unique Ideas

One of the keys to using paint to create a one-of-a-kind look is to not be afraid to use it. If things don’t turn out the way you expected, you can always paint back over your failed project. Paint stripper isn’t a dream to work with, but will take paint off furniture. There are many different ways to put your stamp on a home and make it exceptional.

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  2. I have precisely the same opinion about the “outside the norm” thing. Try to create beautiful home/office spaces that will convert a dull environment to a lively and vivacious atmosphere. Repainting and rejuvenating your home/workplace impresses everyone who visits.

  3. Instead of the usual stripes, try something different like waves. They’re more eye-catching and let you use more than two contrasting colors.

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  6. I definitely like using furniture as accent pieces that help make the room pop but i’ve tried painting the ceiling and leaving the walls white and it looked a bit funny. Good ideas on this post, thanks for sharing.

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