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When to Get Exterior Painting Quotes

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It’s that time of year! It’s the height of summer. The sun is its brightest, and hottest, and Seattle is in full-on summer mode! It’s a joyous time to be in our city, but those of us in the painting trade have been vigorously working to make magic happen in our busiest time of year. Our field staff have been washing, prepping, climbing ladders, and of course, painting. Our office staff have been answering countless calls and emails, traveling around town for appointments, and signing on new customers. And now, as of July 2018, Sound Painting Solutions’ exterior painting schedule is full for the year. Whether you are reading this at the time of publishing, or some time much later, this blog post will discuss the most ideal time of year to begin the exterior painting process, which starts with a quote.

Exterior of a house painted by Sound Painting Solutions with rich blue siding and white trim and garage door

A recent Seattle exterior painting project by Sound Painting Solutions

When do Seattle painters tend to book up?

If you began this process in middle or late Summer, you may have discovered that many Seattle house painters are already fully booked for the season. With such a short window to safely paint outside in our rainy climate and one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, Seattle painting contractors are busier than ever! Couple this with the persistent skilled labor shortage, and established contractors in the region are inevitably inundated with more requests than they can fulfill. For some contractors, this means taking on far more work than they can handle and struggling to meet commitments. In turn, for consumers, this can mean canceled or abandoned projects or the inability to find a contractor to complete their home project in a timely manner. Today, there is a great deal of pressure on the consumer, not only to plan ahead for important home projects, but also to ensure they are working with a reliable, trustworthy professional.

So, when is the most ideal time to get a quote on your home painting project?

Simply put: as early as you can! In general, home exteriors in our climate should be repainted every 7-10 years with a quality paint job, so keep this maintenance cycle in mind, but don’t wait until your home exterior is in poor condition to act. The late Winter or early Spring is always a great time to obtain exterior quotes and decide on a painting contractor. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend beginning the process much later, as contractors tend to only get busier from this point forward. In addition, the longer you wait, the more you may find yourself paying for any remaining availability. When you do decide on a painting contractor, be sure to get a signed contract including a schedule commitment. Our blog on how to screen potential painting contractors may also be helpful to you as you navigate this process. Finally, keep in mind that most reputable contractors will ask for a reasonable deposit amount to secure a spot on their schedule. However, be wary of contractors that request a very large amount upfront.

Are you ready to get a quote for Seattle exterior house painting?

Contact Sound Painting Solutions, and we’ll be happy to conduct an on-site consultation! We perform exterior painting quotes year-round, and it’s not too early to plan for Spring of 2019! We only require 10% down to secure your spot on next year’s exterior schedule. Knock this off your list ahead of time, and next year, all you have to do is sit back and let us make a beautiful change to your home. We are the top-rated Seattle painting contractor on Yelp and have served hundreds of satisfied customers in the Seattle area! We would love the opportunity to serve you next.


  1. Some really great info for pre-customers. Good for them to have this knowledge so they have a better understanding of our industry and provides quality education. Great stuff!

  2. I find summer holidays best to have a painting quotation, as it is the time that I have holidays and also no fear of rain shower. Thanks for sharing, Have a nice day!!

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