15 Things to Do While Social Distancing

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Thank you to Katelyn Lutz, our marketing intern from the UW Foster School of Business, for contributing this post!

Last Thursday, Governor Inslee extended the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order until May 4th. What does this mean for all of us? Ultimately it means that you are required to stay home unless you “are pursuing an essential activity.” Essential activities include grocery shopping, any medically necessary outings, or work for those who have jobs that have been deemed essential. This does not mean you cannot go outside, you can still take a run, spend some time in your yard, or walk your dog. However, it is critical that when you go outside for any reason you still maintain social distancing parameters. This means staying a minimum of six feet away from others and foregoing those crowded house gatherings.

Although this is going to be a tough time for everyone, it is important we follow these necessary measures for the well-being of the public and so that the required social-distancing and temporary closures can end faster. So, in order to make this stay at home order a little easier, we have compiled a list of 15 things to do to pass the time.

1. Gardening

Considering the slightly empty shelves at the grocery store, it may be a good time to try your hand at gardening. It’s a productive way to spend your time while also being outside. March 20th is the vernal equinox which means spring is coming. It’s a good time to grow things like asparagus, broccoli, beans, corn, or cucumbers.

2. Spring Cleaning

Now that you’re stuck staring at the inside of your house, you’re probably racking up bullet points on your to-do list. You finally have the time to take care of those little details that can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Some things to put on your spring cleaning list are:

  1. Sort through your closet
  2. Organize your DVD/CD collection
  3. Clean fridge and freezer
  4. Flip mattresses
  5. Get rid of old makeup/hygiene products
  6. Dust ceiling fans
  7. Wipe down trim and molding
  8. Clean your microwave
  9. Sort out your junk drawer
  10. Vacuum your curtains

3. Catch up on your reading

Reading is a great way to take your mind off of the world. You can find great ebooks or physical books online through amazon. Another great resource is the app Libby, which you can log into with your local library card and check out ebooks straight onto your iPhone or iPad. Three great books on the New York Times Bestsellers list are Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus and The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley.

4. Acquire a new skill

Don’t remain stagnant, you have more time than ever for self-growth. You can take this time to add a couple of lines to your resume or to finally learn how to do calligraphy. There are many sites that will offer great deals on lessons. One great tool is Skillshare, it has a plethora of lessons on anything you could want to learn from graphic design to watercolor. The best part is you get your first two months free.

5. Start meditating

I’m sure that the current socio-economic climate is causing quite a bit of stress, uncertainty, and anxiety. Meditation can be a great way to find some peace within your day. Incorporating meditation into your daily routine can be extremely beneficial to your physical and mental health. A great way to start meditating is by downloading an app, like headspace or aura, or looking to youtube for guided meditation videos.

6. Learn a new recipe

Maybe you’re already a great cook… or maybe COVID19 is forcing you to finally face your lack of cooking skills. Regardless, learning a new recipe or having an at-home cooking competition is a fun way to spend some time. Fun and inventive recipes aren’t hard to find on the internet, but if some ingredients are scarce in your household and you aren’t looking to try the grocery store, you can use www.supercook.com to plug in the ingredients you already have and find a new recipe! You can also use a delivery service like Hello Fresh which will send you a recipe and all the ingredients you need straight to your house.

7. Learn a new language

Learning a new language will always be a beneficial choice, and now you may find yourself with a little extra time before that trip to Europe. Many programs and apps such as Fluent are offering great deals during this time as well to help you learn.

8. Get started on all those home projects you have been putting off

Now that you’re forced to stare at the inside of your house longer than usual, it’s important to make it a place you WANT to be. It’s finally time to build that shelf or arrange your living room. Take a look at our blog for some great home improvement and interior design ideas! If you’re in the Seattle area, you can also get a quote to plan ahead for your next painting or carpentry project.

9. Get back into your New Year’s resolutions with some at-home workouts

There are tons of personal trainers posting great how-to videos for at-home workouts right now. If you are on a fitness journey or want to start one, don’t feel stuck or as if you’re being forced to lose all traction. There are great resources on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

10. Watch those shows or movies you’ve been meaning to get around to

You’ve got the time now and next week our blog is going to have all you need to know with a recommendation list for what to watch at home!

11. Do your taxes

We’ve all been putting it off. Now there are no more excuses. Get them done early!

12. Make some fancy cocktails

Just because the bars are shut down doesn’t mean you should be denied a good drink. This site will tell you what you can make from what you already have: www.cocktailbuilder.com.

13. Get some time in the sun

With how much you’re probably going to be looking at screens the next couple of weeks, it’s important to get outside, get some sun, and connect with nature. Take a walk. Do your work on the porch. Play tennis (both people have to be more than 6 feet away so it’s the perfect social distancing sport). Take your dog out to play fetch. Photograph flowers. Enjoy a picnic. Do anything you want that will get some fresh air in your lungs and sun on your skin!

14. Learn a party trick

It’s always fun to show off a little at a party, now you can learn a card trick that will impress your Uncle or a corny joke that will beat that of your Dad.

15. Do nothing

Don’t stress yourself out about being productive every minute of the day. Take this forced break time to be introspective, relieve your stress, and work on yourself. Find a piece of relaxation and joy with every day, even if the state of things is a little crazy right now.

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