2022 Project Highlights

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Happy New Year everyone! As another year comes to a close, we want to showcase our owner’s and sales rep’s favorite projects of 2022. These jobs reflect a variety of our services including residential and commercial painting, along with carpentry. At Sound Painting Solutions, we take pride in delivering high quality and long lasting results!

Jeff’s Favorite Projects

Bellevue – Commercial Painting

Jeff enjoyed this exterior commercial job we completed over the summer. This property is two stories and over 16,000 square feet. James’ crew did a great job giving this complex a refreshed look. The color combination makes this building look awesome!

Queen Anne – Exterior Residential Painting

Jeff sold this exterior job in the Queen Anne residential neighborhood of Seattle. This was a big project as it included some carpentry repair on the master bedroom balcony, along with applying a semi-transparent stain to the home’s three stories. Check out this previous blog post to see the painting process of this house!

Lindsey’s Favorite

West Seattle – Exterior Carpentry

This was a fun carpentry railing project we completed last year. Our team replaced the old railing with this new one. Lindsey likes the unique sunrise design making this railing system stand out from the rest!

Capitol Hill – Exterior Residential Painting

This was a full exterior paint job of a townhome in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The primary color on the home is Cosmos by Sherwin Williams with Pure White trim. Lindsey enjoyed the color scheme of this job as the main blue is similar to our company colors!

Connor’s Favorite

Washington Park – Exterior Stain

Connor, our Sales Representative, sold a lot of the jobs we did in 2022. One of his favorites was this exterior stain project in the Washington Park neighborhood of Seattle. This home had a big transformation as we restored the natural wood look.

Bellevue – Exterior Residential Painting

This was a large exterior project we completed over the summer. The house was around 5,000 sq. ft and had a lot of trim work included in the scope. The siding color is called Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin Williams with Pure White trim. The final product looks amazing, giving this home a fresh new look!

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with great clients on these projects and bring their vision to life. We look forward to new jobs and client relationships this year. Thank you to all of our clients who have worked with us on a painting or carpentry project!

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