Composite Deck Project in Seattle

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The outdoor space for a house is an extension of the living area. A well-crafted deck and stair system can significantly enhance the beauty and functionality of the property’s backyard. Over time, weather, wear and tear, or simply a desire for an upgrade may create the need to demolish and rebuild a deck system. In this blog post, we’re going to showcase an exciting carpentry project involving the transformation of an old wooden deck and stairs into a stunning, low-maintenance composite masterpiece.


This deck and stairs had seen better days, showing signs of rot, peeling stain, and discoloration. The client was looking for a solution that would not only rejuvenate their outdoor space but also minimize future maintenance and increase longevity. Composite deck materials are the ideal choice for this transformation. Here are a few photos of the deck and stairs before the project started.

Demo and Rebuild Process

Once the scope was finalized and products were selected, our carpenters got to work for demoing and rebuilding the deck and stair system. The deck and stairs were re-built on the existing sub-structure. Composite decking boards were secured onto the frames, creating a seamless and visually appealing surface. The low-maintenance aspect of composite means the homeowners won’t have to worry about staining, sealing, or painting the deck, unlike traditional wood. This material is quite durable as the surfaces are very resistant to weather, termites, and rot, ensuring a long lifespan. Check out some photos of the rebuilding process!


To complete the project, the carpenters added some finishing touches to make the deck very inviting. They installed a wood bench on the deck surface. The client selected composite decking from Trex in their Enhance line for this project. Demolishing and rebuilding a deck and stair system with composite materials is a rewarding project that can refresh your outdoor space and increase your property’s value. By choosing composite materials, you not only reduce maintenance but also enjoy a beautiful and durable deck that will stand the test of time. If your backyard is in need of a transformation, consider composite materials for a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution to your outdoor living needs. Contact us today for a free quote on your project!

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