Project Highlights of 2021

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Happy New Year! Sound Painting Solutions completed another successful year of business. To recap 2021, we want to showcase our owner’s and sales reps’ favorite jobs. These projects highlight a variety of our home improvement services, including commercial and residential painting, along with carpentry. Each project is unique with distinct features, views, and final products!

Jeff’s Favorite Projects

Bellevue – Commercial Exterior Painting

Jeff enjoys the commercial jobs our crews complete, especially this exterior one in Bellevue from the summer. This large building was three stories and around 14,600 square feet. Victor’s crew did an excellent job refreshing this complex with a modern look. Check out this previous blog post to see the process of painting this building!

Exterior of a commercial building we painted.
West Seattle – Exterior Residential Painting

West Seattle is one of the areas in our service region where we complete the most work. The summer months in Seattle is the time of the year when we capitalize on the nice weather to do exterior jobs like this one. The combination of white, blue, and grey colors stand out in the sun and make this home look amazing.

Exterior of a residential house in West Seattle we painted.
Exterior of a residential house in West Seattle we painted.

Lindsey’s Favorite Projects

Wallingford Neighborhood – Interior Residential Painting

Lindsey admired the colors used in this interior painting project. The dining area in the kitchen, shown in the photo to the left, is called Sunrise by Sherwin Williams. The natural sunlight through the window makes the color pop! The bedroom depicted below was painted in this Mariner color by Sherwin Williams. These colors give each room its own distinct mood and feeling.

Renton – Interior Carpentry

Our skilled carpenter completed a variety of impressive projects this past year. The goal of this job was to create storage space under the stairs. We executed this unique design by clearing out the area under the stairs to make space for the installation of the cabinets. The cabinets slide out creating storage under the stairs. In addition, there is space for storing items that can be seen from the outside. The cabinets were finished off in Sherwin William’s Extra White color.

Connor’s Favorite Projects

Capitol Hill Neighborhood – Residential Exterior Painting

Connor, our Sales Representative, sold many of the jobs we completed in 2021. A memorable one was this house in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. We helped this client get her home, built in 1910, updated with a fresh paint job as she was planning to sell soon. The project was a team effort requiring a lot of hard work as this big home needed significant paint preparation.

West Seattle – Residential Interior and Exterior Painting

We had the opportunity to complete two jobs for this client in 2021. The first was this exterior repaint of the client’s home completed by Victor’s crew. Connor enjoyed the eye-catching Sherwin Williams color called Down Pour used in this project. Also, we did an interior cabinet painting job later in the year completed by Eliazar’s crew. The cabinet colors in the kitchen are called Marea Baja and Toque White. This color combination gives the kitchen a stylish modern look.

We enjoyed all of the projects we completed in 2021. It was fun reminiscing on our favorite jobs, especially those featured in this blog post. Sound Painting Solutions wants to thank all of our clients who we served this past year! We are excited for the future, and hope to have another memorable year in 2022.

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